My Expanding Family

As I begin to write, my 16 month old daughter lays on my chest, smiling and patting my belly. DH and I have made her aware of the fact that "Mommy has babies in there" - but how much of it she understands, we'll never know. I love that she shows interest, lifting my shirt from time to time and poking my belly button or rubbing my growing bump. We are expecting twins, due on July 31st 2010.

I know, given the circumstances and a good discussion with my doctor, that I may have a lot of free time on my hands between now and then. Bed rest is looming. I've been doing as many preparations as I can between now and then for these 2 little blessings. When DH and I found out we were expecting again, we were ecstatic! Expanding our family was always something we had planned, and we had no concerns over buying gear, or what needed to be done - it seemed we had it all covered. It seemed to me, that when it came to pregnancy, I already had it all figured out.

And then somebody upstairs decided to turn our world upside down in a good, but overwhelming and nerve racking, stress inducing albeit exciting kind of way. Twins! ... Twins?! Oh, God, twins... Where do we start?

It occurred to me that we are not the first, nor are we the last to hear news like this. We're not the first to parent 3 children under the age of 2. But I'll be darned if that makes it any less of a challenge! So... That brings me to this blog. I'm here to express myself, to find others like me, to learn and hopefully some day to teach others that it will all be just fine. That it IS possible to make it through a twin pregnancy with a toddler, to make it through that first year of parenting twin infants, and to raise a rapidly expanding family to be beautiful, intelligent, healthy and happy human beings!