15 Weeks & 2 Days

The little ones were really moving this morning! I love that reassurance. I feel, at least for now, like everything is going smoothly. My next doctor's appointment is next week and then it's on to the OB/GYN until the twins are born. I'll be interested to see what his entire take on this pregnancy is, given I've already been told it's particularly high risk. I'm trying not to worry, or focus on the scary stuff. I have far too many other positive things to think about!

DD said "babies" yesterday for the first time. It was wonderful to hear that word come from her mouth - she's learning so many new things every day. I like to take her to the fridge where we (like so many other parents-to-be) have the ultrasound pic posted up, and point to the babies. She points and gets excited now, too. It's funny though - clearly she has no idea what's coming. I can sit with her and play with her twin baby dolls for hours, but it will never completely prepare her for the arrival of our twins. For the first time in her life, she'll be sharing us. It's going to be a tough adjustment for us all.

I've added links and buttons - some are for giveaways and reviews, some are Mom related... These are blogs I visit fairly frequently. Soon I'll be telling friends and family about my little place here on the web. It'll be nice to share my experiences with everyone! Until then, well, I just want to tinker around until its to my satisfaction. Nothing wrong with that, is there?