Seventeen Weeks

It seems like time is flying by! Honestly, considering this will VERY most likely be my last pregnancy - I'm trying to enjoy all of it. It feels like just yesterday I was at that ultrasound seeing those 2 tiny little bodies growing inside of me. Unreal. After work is finished, I think everything will probably slow down a little bit - I'll be less rushed, have more time to just relax and prepare for the birth of my twins.

I was looking in DD's room this morning trying to figure out how to squeeze two cribs in and what not! For the first while, I'm going to have DD share her room with the twins. This is really not ideal, but I'm not ready to move her to her big girl room yet - it's in the basement. While it's brand new, and does have a nice large window b/c we're in a bi-level I just am not comfortable with leaving her downstairs alone - she's too young, and I'd be getting up at night still hauling my exhausted bottom downstairs every time she wakes up crying. I would have no problem hearing her, since the room is right beneath ours. Anyway, we'll make due. Room sharing is not unheard of, and we can't afford a bigger house yet!

I've made a few purchases for the wee ones. We got a Duoglider double stroller (I've already mentioned this) and a couple of weeks ago I bought a green
Sleepy Wrap. There will be lots of times, I am sure, where Kevin or I will be carrying one twin, while the other and Danica share the stroller. I also bought this nursing cover - as they had a Facebook promo, so I got it for only $30 w/ free shipping! I had an older style nursing cover given to me when Danica was born, but it was much smaller and shorter - not to mention just kind of ugly, lol. This should make nursing that much easier when and if we ever set foot out of the house again, heh. Even in the hospital when we have visitors, honestly, some people just don't take the cue "looks like she's getting hungry......" and I found that SO awkward with DD, particularly because we were just starting out with breastfeeding for our first time ever! Contrary to popular belief, it's not a piece of cake when you're starting out, and a lot of times people just don't realize it. So that's that. Now all I really need to collect are some new baby facecloths and towels, a few extra crib sheets, a 2nd bouncy seat and a twins nursing pillow. Oh! And another car seat, and possibly another one on top of that if DD's is too big to fit them all in the back seat of our trusty old Lumina. (That's a challenge in and of itself - don't even get me started.) Phew!! I think that's it.

Anyway, I don't have much planned for this Saturday aside from washing the kitchen floor and vaccuming the living room. After that, I'm just going to take it easy. We may head to Superstore as they have sales on toddler pottys and infant car seats. Kevin has REALLY crappy hours today, he's working from about 8pm until 4am. I hate his night shifts, they're so brutal. It's not that I can't sleep when he isn't here, it's that I wake up when he gets in and can't fall BACK to sleep! He's super quiet, but I'm a very light sleeper.



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