Sleep Walkin'

Insomnia is not my friend. Over the years I've come to meet several people who suffer from insomnia, and I thought to myself "what's the big deal? Read a book until you get bored. Falling asleep shouldn't be impossible, count sheep, for Pete's sake." Well, friends... Karma likes to roll my way every now and then and learn me a thing or two. The last couple of weeks have been completely unpredictable. Between my 16 month old who's getting a number of new teeth in, the fact that I'm getting up to pee every few hours (then drinking more water and subsequently getting up to pee again) and the fact that I've recently discovered what pregnancy insomnia is really all about - I am one cranky woman come morning. And my poor daughter, my husband and my daycare kids are all suffering for it.

DH used to say to me "I can't wait until you're pregnant again." It was lovely to hear him say it, but I knew it'd be short lived once the first trimester came knocking with a vengeance - and, of course, it did. I've finally had a little relief from the morning sickness, which in itself tampers with my overall mood and well being. Then along came second trimester. Since late January the headaches, insomnia and ridiculous, over the top mood swings have kicked in! The poor man. On an average, non-pregnant day I am known to cry watching Oprah or reading books or even looking at beautiful artwork or photography. On a pregnant day - I'll cry because we've run out of orange juice and I really, really wanted some. And then, most of the time, I'll laugh at myself while still crying and he just sits there shaking his head at this person he married - who USED to be relatively sane! Well, now what? Unfortunately, there's not much I can do. So I carry on and eventually remind him that he's stuck with me, he wanted these babies and thanks for not bailing on me when I burn my toast/drop an egg/miss my favorite TV show/see pictures of baby animals.

So having said all of that, I'm just not sure how to handle my daily responsibilities. This pregnancy is very different from my last, in that I'm so drained of energy. When the kids don't nap in the afternoon, I'm an absolute wreck come "home time" at 5:30pm. And after that comes making a wholesome dinner for myself, my growing little ones, my daughter (who has got to be the most finicky child on the planet) and DH. Most days I'd rather order pizza - but where is one to find the extra cash to order pizza when one is expecting twins? Humm. Thank goodness for slow cookers.