Challenging Friday

It's looking like another incredibly hot day. I would be so pleased about this if we were out at the lake - but we're not! Apparently we're in for some rain as well. I guess that means we won't even get out for a nice walk this afternoon! D has been a little on the cranky side already this morning, so I'm not particularly looking forward to being cooped up in the house all afternoon. So far, we've already read about 27 million books (or, at least 6 and each more than once) played with stickers, colored with crayons and made a big production of getting dressed, doing hair, etc. Tantrums have already begun. It's going. to be. a long. day.

I know a lot of people have today off, because yesterday was Canada day. Any big plans for this weekend?



  1. On the frozen herbs - sometimes I sprinkle them with a little salt before I put the container in the freezer - it acts as a preservative. They generally keep well in a freezer. The frozen herbs aren't as good as fresh, but herbs like parsely and cilantro are much better tasting frozen than dried (at least for me).

  2. Oh - and I forgot to add I LOVE the herb butter idea. I will try that - thanks for the tip!


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