Dippity Doo

Finding a meal D likes to eat is like digging around for a needle in a haystack. Blindfolded. With gloves on.... Yup, I went there. I know I've mentioned before how much my 22 month old princess likes to sit down to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Meal time is a bit of an ordeal around here, and my husband and I often hear "Umm...((pause, while she eyes her plate))...NO!" from D when we set her down at the table.

I've discovered a secret weapon, though.

Recently, D has taken a liking to "ahh-pyup-pyup." In big people words, that means ketchup. If you didn't guess it right away, I don't blame you. It took us a good 10 minutes. She likes it on her macaroni, her grilled cheese sandwiches, her slices of meat, and tonight she's feasting on a gourmet meal of toasted rye with butter - dipped in ketchup. I'd heard somewhere that toddlers like to dip their food. I believed it, but never really gave it a second thought. Then one day I caught D dipping her sliced apples in her leftover applesauce. Redundant? Yeah, a little... but it's now her favorite snack! Sure beats "kah-kahk"...... (chocolate.) ;)

Next, I think I'll try veggies with ranch dressing. What do your little ones like to dip into? I'll take all the suggestions I can get!



  1. Your blog is so so cute! Found you through FFF and I am your newest follower!


  2. I found you through FFF and am now following you.

    We dip celery and apple into peanut butter and also dip fruit into yogurt!

    Have you tried doing a muffin tin snack? You get a muffin tin (I use a silicone one) and fill each spot with something - ie: apple pieces, celery, pb, raisins, applesause and the kids can dip whatever they like or make their own frogs on a log. It's fun. My 4 and 6 yr olds think it's great!

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  4. "Ummmm... no" - that cracks me up!

    Looking forward to reading more!

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