Dora The Explorer Alphabet Adventure!

It's the simple things that keep toddlers like D busy, and sometimes I am surprised by what she becomes attached to. She's recently discovered drawing and coloring - much to my approval! Growing up, I spent hours at the kitchen table doing crafts and coloring in my precious Barbie coloring books. D is too young to understand coloring books, but we've recently been given a toy which she absolutely loves! It's the Dora The Explorer Alphabet Adventure Storybook and Magnetic Drawing Kit. A mouthful? Yes. However, it's such a simple little toy and it has honestly kept her busy like no other. D drags this thing around the house ALL DAY LONG drawing pictures of "Daddy" and going through the Alphabet with me. I love the fact that she's learning the letters with the attached book. The drawing board/book comes in one piece with a handle at the top, so it's easy for D to carry around. Also, the pen is attached so there's no danger of losing it. Works for me! It's a great way to practice learning the letters, and how to hold a crayon. And it's fun - draw anything you like, then easily erase it. :) We've had this book for weeks, and she has yet to lose interest.

The Dora Alphabet Adventure Storybook/Magnetic Drawing Kit is published by Phidel Publishing, and is available at Amazon.ca for just $25.77


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