Life Goes On

It's been nearly seven weeks since we lost our girls. Each day gets a little bit easier, and some days are just extremely difficult. Yesterday was July 12th, the day I was scheduled in for a cesarean to have my beautiful twins. I really did not want to be alone yesterday. DH was working, and had dinner plans with a co-worker for the evening as part of a mentoring program he participates in. It wasn't really something he could get out of, which is understandable. So, I called my Mom. She agreed to spend the day with D and I, and planned all kinds of fun activities for us. (Aren't Moms the best for these sorts of things?) So, that's what we did. I got up in the morning and packed D's bag, and my Mom took us to the Zoo and then for a picnic in the park. The weather was gorgeous, and D had an amazing time seeing the animals and running around in the park. She's at such an age where everything fascinates her, and it's such a joy to watch her learn and grow. I do miss my twins, very, very much... But on days like yesterday, I'm so thankful to have D. She never fails to put a smile on my face! Throughout this process (and admittedly throughout the last few years, as my family has been through a LOT of illness and loss) I've learned never to take anyone for granted.

And so as they say, life goes on....



  1. I had no idea of your loss. I am glad you are were able to stay busy and surround yourself with those you love. D is lucky to have you as a mom. Be Strong :) thanks for checking out my blog. I follow you now.

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