Nestle Real Dairy Ice Cream

It is incredibly hot outside. D and I went for a short walk around the neighborhood before supper, and we came home absolutely drenched! She was fighting to stay outside (what 21 month old doesn't?) but I just couldn't do it. Unfortunately, when we came indoors it wasn't much better. Our old A/C window unit hasn't been installed yet and we're cookin' in here! So, for a treat after supper, I decided to give D her very first bowl of ice cream. She's had ice cream before, but usually on a stick and only at Grandma's house! I picked up some Nestle Real Dairy at the store yesterday, thinking that if I'm going to give her something sweet I'd at least like to know what's in it. Nestle Real Dairy Ice Cream is made with things like cream, sugar, eggs and skim milk. Also, it has ground vanilla beans in it for an extra hit of pure flavor. She LOVED it and, admittedly, so did I! I'd even serve it at a dinner party - honestly, it's just that good. You can find it just about any grocery store, so it's easy to come by, and quite inexpensive. My moral of this story? Enjoying a treat like ice cream with your kids is totally appropriate on a hot day, as long as you get outside and enjoy being active with them first!

x Kristin.