Dress Mess

I can't believe how quickly this summer has been going by! Soon, my brother will be married (next weekend) and that will be one more thing off my "to-do list" as I'm in the wedding party. I had a minor freakout about my bridesmaid's dress when I went in for my first fitting. It's literally about 6 to 8 sizes too big, because they took my measurements when I was heavily pregnant with the twins. When I went back in for a new measurement after I lost my girls, the staff told me I was better off not paying to order in a 2nd dress. (Yeah, I don't particularly feel like spending another $240 either!) So, I got the call when the dress came in, and I went to try it on. Talk about a disaster.... First of all, the whole thing simply reminds me of the fact that had everything gone the way I thought it would, I'd have my two beautiful newborn girls with me at this wedding. When I was measured, I could have cared less what the dress looked like on because I knew I'd be spending the evening worrying about my babies and about D, not about myself. This time around, all I could see was myself swimming in this dress that's way too big, and having nothing to really show for it. :( They took it in on the sides - a LOT on the sides - and to me it still looked horrible. I left the store in tears because I didn't even know how to say "listen, I was pregnant and now I'm not and this dress is way too big, and can you please fix it?" *sigh* I didn't realize a dress fitting could be such an emotional experience. Thankfully, I've been in with my Mom and Future Sister in Law for a 2nd fitting. I seriously needed the backup. After some minor tweaking, the dress now looks great! Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy the evening, knowing that my girls are looking down on my family and I and wanting us all to be happy. That, after all, is what matters most. :)




  1. I'm so sorry about the loss of your twin girls. I can't imagine what you're going through... I'm glad your mom and sil were with you.

    I'm glad they were able to fix the dress -- I'm sure you'll look beautiful! I was a bridesmaid once and the custom made dress was horrible. The empire waste came off the middle of my breast so it was as if I had no waist whatsoever! lol...

  2. ohh hun i had no idea you lost the babies :( im sooo sad to hear that,i hope your feeling ok

    i say try a fun lime green polish,i think opi has a new one from the shrek line,try the beauty supply store they are cheaper there.

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