Fallin' Behind

Since Fall has arrived and I consider the season to be a "fresh start" so to speak - I thought it would be nice to make a little list of to-do's, then try and accomplish them all before winter sets in. (And let me tell you, where I'm from, the winter comes fast and furious!) I know this is the kind of thing most people start in August, but better late than never, right? Not everything is a chore, some of these things are just ideas I am rather fond of! Here goes:

1. Take D through a Corn Maze, now that she's old enough to enjoy something like that!

2. Visit Boo At The Zoo

3. Clean out my overly cluttered hallway closet, and donate what I don't need. (There will be a lot of it.)

4. Transition D to her "big girl bed."

5. Make caramel apples. Check out this yummy recipe from Saving SAHM Sanity!

6. Start properly potty training D, perhaps on this coming long weekend.

7. Clean up the yard. Ugh.

8. Help Mom with her garage and closing up at the lake.

9. Decide on a Halloween costume for D (and maybe one for me, too!)

10. And number ten is a doozie, so brace yourselves - get pregnant!!! Yup. I totally just went there.

What are you hoping to do before winter???




  1. Oh my gosh- the corn maze and caramel apples are a great idea. I might just copy you :)

    Hmmm, I'm thinking pumpkin patch ASAP and get to carving that special pumpkin face... and only after that, replace the basement window that broke in a storm ;) It's been taped up with a garbage bag and masking tape since August. Talk about procrastinating.

  2. Thanks for the mention. I like the idea of a fall to do list, I know what you mean about winter setting in, we only have about five weeks left of fall, six if we're lucky!

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    I LOVE caramel apples...aren't they the BEST!

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  4. Hi there!! Thanks for visiting!! You have a fabulous blog!! You have inspired a quest for caramel apples in my house!! Yayy!! Good luck on your to-do list, especially #10 ☺!!

  5. My biggest task right now is completing the room redos for a and my's rooms. And not getting pregnant. That's high on my list. :)

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  6. Found you on
    FMBT blog hop, I have mega yard work to do, I love the caramel apples yummy. Drop over and check out my blog at kittycrochettwo.blogspot.com
    Have an awesome week!

  7. Thanks for joining me at Create With Joy. I'm delighted to follow you back and look forward to getting to know you better!

    We have a local corn maze that has been on my WANT TO DO list for years! I am hoping we can make it there this year; the challenge is that October is always a busy season for my husband!

    Have a wonderful week!


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  9. Those apples look positively delicious! I want to go to the zoo with my son too. Hmm, what else? Pumpkin farm, definitely. First professional haircut. I'd like to hear the word "mama."

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    See you around more often!

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  12. My goals before winter sets in:

    pass my first semester of college with flying colors (or at least the semi good colors:D)

    Get all of my Christmas Shopping donw

    Plan a spectacular avon get-together.

    Thanks for following me @ www.mmkayhanner.blogspot.com!

    I also noticed that you like lists...
    you should follow my friends blog. Shes AWESOME!

  13. Hi, Like your to-do list especially the last point on it!! Nice blog. I look forward to reading more.

  14. Too funny. I am with K though on that last point. Highly recommend the corn maze. :)

  15. I am just now getting to following you back! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am hoping to get pregnant again soon too!

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