Love My Saturday

After a long road of pregnancy, loss and recovery I can finally say that it feels very good to get back to an almost "normal" daily life. I have been b u s y. I re-opened my home daycare in mid-September, and have been enjoying the routine of getting up in the morning and feeling like I can contribute to something more than just making it through the day with my little girl. I now have the opportunity to watch her learn and grow with her new friends. I'm getting to know them all. I'm running a business again, and able to accomplish more. Unfortunately, it leaves a little less time for blogging - but I think I'm starting to find a better balance here.

Where was I going with this? Oh, yes... I wanted to say how much I'm able to appreciate weekends again! The days and weeks were starting to blur together, and it was almost getting scary for me. I can now honestly say that I really, really appreciate a good Saturday! Today was the perfect example. DH and I took D out shopping in the morning, then came home to chill out. I baked muffins with her this afternoon, and then we went and got take-out for supper as a treat. What a lovely day! Tomorrow we'll go and visit my Father in Law and then just hang out together as a family before getting back to work again on Monday. I like this. I've missed it. What are your favorite things to do with the family on a weekend?