The King's Christmas List: Book Review

I was sent a copy of this beautiful children's book, via the Booksneeze blogger's program.  In short, it's a story about the spirit of giving:.

Emma and her little dog Shu-Shu were thrilled to be invited to the King's birthday party. But what do you get a King for his birthday? Emma and Shu-Shu have no gift, but they bring the Christmas cake they made with Mom and put on their Sunday best as they dash to the King's carriage.  And of course, Emma couldn't go anywhere without her beloved Cherry-Bear.  On the way, they have encounters that lead them to bestow their cake, winter-cape, and even Cherry-Bear, on others. Now they're chilly, rumpled, and empty-handed-what will the King think? Emma frets, but when they finally meet the King at his palace, they discover they gave the King exactly what he wanted.

I found it refreshing to read a tale about the true meaning of Christmas, and enjoyed the lovely message this book conveys to young readers.  Over and over, readers are reminded of what it means to truly give selflessly - something we all could use reminding of from time to time!  The book is beautifully illustrated, and will certainly capture its audience with bright reds and greens and pretty snowy scenes.  The characters, Emma and Shu-Shu are sweet, and very believable, making the message simple to understand for young children as they'll so easily relate.  At the end of the story, there is a page listing various ways to give your own gift to the king.  So not only are children able to learn about giving, they are given a real opportunity to give a gift themselves - a wonderful way to teach your kids about those less fortunate, especially around the holidays.

I will be putting this book away until December, and will be giving it to my daughter as a Christmas gift.  She is still a little young to completely understand it, but reading the book to her each Christmas will be a lovely tradition for years to come. 



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  4. The characters, Emma and Shu-Shu are so sweet, and very believable, great way to make the simple massage to understand for children.


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