SJ Review: Little Looster Booster for the Loo

Monica Mylet, a mommy of 3 has been through the potty training process enough times to know that kids need to feel secure while doing their thing! The Little Looster is her brilliant idea to help little legs reach the floor, and achieve that level of comfort needed for successful potty training. The Little Looster functions as an extension of the toilet, eliminating the need to shuffle it out of the way when someone (other than your toddler) needs to use the bathroom. Its non-slip surface is key to avoid any mishaps, and is easily cleaned. The stool itself supports small children and eliminates the fear of "falling in" - which in turn prevents little hands from grasping on to toilet seats or the germ covered toilet rim.


My Thoughts:
As a home daycare provider, and mother of one toddler I realized as soon as I saw the Little Looster how valuable it would be. I've got it placed in my daycare bathroom, where it has already been put to good use! My daughter is just starting out with the potty training process. Up until now, during daycare hours, I'd just been seating her on the toilet and holding her hands. It always seemed to make her nervous - and I can understand why, because big potty seats were not made for little bums! As soon as I set her feet down on the Little Looster, she immediately seemed more comfortable and secure. She let go of my hands, and sat happily trying to do her thing. That, in itself, is as good a reason as any to recommend this product! I'd like to add that having the ability to avoid the use of a small training potty is a huge bonus. No more unpleasant clean ups, and your child has the benefit of not having to make the transition from the small potty to the grown up version. The Little Looster can also be used as a stool later on, and although it isn't necessarily designed for this, we push it over to the sink to wash hands quite frequently too. The Little Looster is sturdy, with a unique and clever design - it's safe, it stays out of the grown ups way, and it makes potty training a relaxed experience for both toddlers and their parents.

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I received this product at no cost to post a review of my honest opinions of the product. All opinions stated in this review are my own and I was not compensated in any way for a positive review.

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