Stocking Stuffer: Shampowder Review

I have fairly long hair and I often think about cutting it short - not because I want to change my style, but because I just haven't got the time to deal with it!  Even washing it can be a chore, because by the time I shampoo, condition, towel, leave-in condition, dry and then style..... Well, my 2 year old could be up to goodness knows what.  (And by "goodness knows what" I mean coloring a lovely 3 foot high picture of "Uncle Kuhk" on her bedroom door.... Great job, munchkin.)  Needless to say, I don't get around to washing my hair on a very regular basis!   

As a mother of two small children, Jayne Polan could certainly identify with this, which is why she had the brilliant (and I really mean brilliant!) idea to create a pigmented dry shampoo, with an all-in-one applicator.  She quickly got to work, and Shampowder was born.  Here is what Jayne has to say about the product:

Shampowder is the original pigmented dry shampoo with an all-in-one applicator. Shampowder hair powder allows you to have freedom between washings and will revive, volumize and deodorize your hair. By absorbing the oils that weigh down unwashed hair - lifeless hair is transformed into full, more manageable hair while the pigmented powder blends seamlessly, disguising the fact that you skipped a washing. The lightly vanilla scented powder comes in THREE shades and blends beautifully into an array of brunette, red, blonde, black and grey hair colors. This is the first hair powder with an attached brush applicator, so it's not messy when applied. To apply, dab - dab - dab the specially designed all-in-one applicator brush to generously apply powder directly to your hairline and scalp. Shampowder is perfectly purse-sized for women on the go and the handy all-in-one applicator is compact enough to drop into your handbag or travel bag.

I literally tested out the product the day I received it.  As many of you know, I run a busy home daycare - so my time is limited when it comes to morning rituals and going out after daycare hours.  We had relatives visiting, and I needed to speedily head out the door for dinner after my last daycare child was picked up.  Because it was one of those early mornings, I hadn't washed my hair that day - and it just felt..... gross.  I was thrilled when the Shampowder arrived in time to use!   I dabbed the product on to my roots, and around the hair line and then worked it around a little with my fingers adding volume back into my hair.  I brushed my hair out, then did the same thing again and styled my hair as usual.  It looked great!  More importantly, it felt and smelled great, too.  The Shampowder did well to get rid of the greasies so the hair appeared freshly washed.  The applicator is handy, as it's small and the brush means you can apply the Shampowder directly where you need it most without leaving mess all over your clothes, or accidently applying too much product.  True to its claims, the blonde shade blended seamlessly into my hair line so it was not evident that I'd been using a dry shampoo.

Shampowder has been featured in several top magazines!  It would make a wonderful stocking stuffer for a friend, wife, sister, girlfriend, or whomever you'd like to let in on this awesome little secret.  It'd be perfect to toss into a gym bag for after a work out, after a day at the beach, or to give to a new Mom who still wants to look and feel her best.

Shampowder retails for $15.99  It's available in Black/Grey, Red, Brunette and Blonde.

You can check out Shampowder at www.buttercreamcosmetics.com