The 2 Year Old Personality: WOW Blanket Tour

I don't know where she gets it, but my daughter has one heck of a personality for being only 2 years of age.  Coming from a Mother who was painfully shy as a kid and a Father who tends to keep to himself, she's ridiculously funny and charismatic!  I noticed this when she was still quite small, but as she grows and especially now that she is talking so much, it has become something I particularly love about her.

D's vocabulary is expanding by the day, and I never know what she might surprise me with next.  Something as simple as asking for a snack, to her, is an opportunity to make everyone laugh - and most of the time, she succeeds!  D has also started, in her own toddler sort of way, to tell "jokes" - she's particularly fond of telling me which grown-up has poo-poo in their diaper, and then laughing hysterically!  She loves to dance, and will always make sure that somebody is watching when she does her larger-than-life, epically dramatic "fall to the floor" move.  When you ask D a question, you'll never get a simple, short response.  Usually, she'll indulge you with something along the lines of, "Oh, no, no, nooOOoo way" or "Ahhh, YES, pleeEEeease."  There have been times when I am not paying attention, and she'll take my chin in her chubby little hand, and gently turn my face towards her to let me know that I should be listening to her now. 

For all of the times D drives me a little bit nuts, there are an equal number of times she completely cracks me up, or has me beaming with pride at what a polite and sweet little girl she really is.  :)  She loves her daycare friends and showers them with hugs, and (probably too many) kisses throughout the day.  She shares her toys, and her lunch.  If she finds something on the floor that belongs to someone else, she'll make sure and give it back to them.  Parenting can be such a challenge.  It just feels great to know that while I don't always feel I'm doing the best job - she IS learning some of what I've been trying to teach her!  I just can't help but love my kid!  Here's a recent picture (from her 2nd birthday) of D, hamming it up for the camera: 

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Chynna has also written a children's book, I'm Not Weird, and resource book
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To read Chynna's post about parenting and a list of other blogs participating in Chynna's Blanket Tour visit The Muffin. 
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  1. I did not know this disorder existed. Wow, that would be tough, I can't imagine.



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