30 Days of Bloggin' - Day 1

Why not?  ... That's what I thought when I noticed that Megan, over at One Day I Will... posted a linky to join her in the 30 Day Blog Challenge.  It's the beginning of a new month, there's not much happening between now and Christmas - AND it's a great way to prompt some awesome blog entries!  If you feel like joining in, I've posted the list of topics and the linky on a new page: 30 Days of Blogging. 

An Introduction -
What don't my readers know about me already?  I suspect some know more than others.  I grew up in Winnipeg, in a quiet suburb with my parents and my younger brother.  We spent our summers out at our cabin in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, and the rest of the year we'd go out on weekends as much as possible.  Growing up, I was always interested in a few things in particular - art, writing, and children.  Over the years, this lead me to various jobs working in Childcare, some courses dealing with Education, and ultimately a degree in Communications.  I lived in Australia for 3 years, while going to school.  After arriving home, I met my husband and we started dating, then moved in together after having been friends for quite some time.  Not long after, we had our gorgeous daughter, D!  She's the light of our lives.  We've been trying to give her a sibling, and at one point we were certain we'd succeeded.  I was pregnant with twin girls, but at 30 weeks our daughters Kira and Lydia were stillborn and we had to say goodbye.  It's been a very difficult road, but we're continuing on this journey and still hoping to expand our family.  Born 2 Be Mom is my documentation of life as I know it now, and a way to express my dreams of what's to come. 

A recent picture -

On a walking trail in B.C. early this fall.  D lost interest in the camera in favor of the cool map!
Fifteen random facts -
1. I totally dig Macaroni and Cheese.  The cheesier the better.
2. My socks never match.
3. I have more pairs of black heels than I know what to do with, and almost no opportunities to wear them.
4. If I don't read before I go to sleep, I can't sleep because I can't stop thinking.  About anything and everything.
5. Despite being "anti-pink" for a number of years, I've gone back to my girlish childhood ways and embraced the color as my favourite.
6. My favorite pizza toppings are geeen peppers & black olives with extra sauce.
7. Venti low fat caramel macchiato extra hot with no whip.  :)
8. Or a simple dark roast, black coffee will do. 
9. I'm inherently messy.
10. I'm totally not a dog person.  Unless they are small and fluffy, then I'm sold!
11. Long island iced teas, dirty martinis and Crown & Coke.
12. Please excuse me while I make a fool of myself on the dance floor.  And no, I'm not embarrassed! 
13. I was a 9 year old die hard NKOTB fan, and will admit to the fact that I think they've grown hotter over the years.
14. Secretly addicted to Degrassi: The Next Generation.  I'm not sure what this says about me as a 29 year old woman.
15. Some of my favorite things: Rain storms, sitting around the fire with friends, hot sunny days, good books, making my daughter laugh.



  1. I pray that you'll have another baby soon! Hope you blog successfully for all 30 days !!

    I am already your follower.

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