Bringin' It Back

It's November the 3rd, ladies.  Do you know what that means?  No, I'm certain that you probably don't.  To most of you, it's probably just another average Wednesday in November.  (A boring month by my standards.)  It was to me too, until I opened up my email this morning to find it's actually..........wait for it............ Housewife Appreciation Day????  You mean, that exists?! 

OK, so the term is a little archaic, but the concept sounds rather appealing.  There's a day to "appreciate" women who stay home and look after the kids (or the pets), and do the daily chores, and cook and organize the goings on of the family.  In other words, Stay At Home Moms - this day is for YOU!  And if you don't believe me, just Google it.  After you do, make sure you tell your husbands that you deserve some "me time" today, and not to forget to mark it in the calender for next year!



  1. Thanks Kristin for stopping by my blog. I hope your 'me time' was successful :).


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