A Handmade Christmas: KD's Doll Shop Review

I've decided to make a few changes this Christmas.  On top of sticking to my budget (for real, this time!) I've decided that I'm going to make some changes in the kinds of gifts I give to my family and friends.   I want to be green, and I want to give items that are handmade.  Some gifts I will make myself, but there are some amazing items which I'd much rather leave to the professionals!  (While I am extremely creative, I lack the patience to be extremely crafty ;)

That's why, when I was given the opportunity to do a review for KD's Doll Shop - I was honestly so thankful!  I've been wanting to give D a doll that is truly special, one that doesn't look or feel like all the other toy store varieties she already has.  When I saw the kind of work that Kristi over at KD's Doll Shop does, I knew I had to contact her.  Kristi is this amazingly talented person who makes each individual doll with much attention to detail, and thought, and I believe with love too - you can just tell when someone truly cares about their creations.  She uses bold, all natural fabrics and textures, giving each doll a unique look and seemingly its own personality.  They are whimsical, and sweet - and I believe they appeal to all ages!

Here are a few examples of Kristi's Waldorf Doll creations (some of my favorites!)

Jill - $85.00

Nixie - $95.00

Cookie - $75.00
When I contacted Kristi, I let her know that I'd love to review a doll for my 2 year old daughter.  After speaking to her, she didn't feel that she had anything in her inventory that would be appropriate for a 2 year old - so, she very generously decided to make D a doll of her very own!  She designed a doll perfect for the younger age group, which will hold up to little hands playing and and dragging it around for hopefully years to come!  Here is a picture of the doll that Kristi designed for D:

It is so perfect for her!  The colors are bright, and fun - certainly appealing to a toddler.  The dress comes on and off easily with a velcro closure at the back, which of course is always important.  (D is at that stage where dressing and undressing her "babies" is a huge part of play!)  And Kristi even made a cute little mushroom, and a baby to go with the doll itself, adding to the imaginative play possibilities this cute doll already has.  The dolls hair is stitched on securely, too, so D won't be tempted to try and pull at it.  (Although, she's pretty careful with her dolls and tends to treat them with respect!)  What I love most about the doll is that it's unique.  There's not another one like it out there, at least - not exactly like it!  So giving a gift like this to a child in your life means you're giving them something no one else can, or will.  It's also safe - no plastic, lead or any dangerous materials like you might find in other childrens toys.  I love the idea of having a toy that doesn't already "do everything for you."  I know for a fact that around the holidays, D will be given all kinds of battery operated items, noise machines that don't always encourage the imagination.  I feel great about knowing that a doll like this one will last for years to come, essentially growing with her as she makes up new scenarios to play out and takes the doll with her wherever she goes.

As for this little doll in particular - although I generally don't do my reviews this way - it seemed a shame to give her to D now, when Christmas is so close.  I hope Kristi doesn't mind, but I honestly just felt the doll was so special - I really wanted to present her in a special way!  Traditionally, in our family, we open one carefully chosen gift on Christmas Eve and save the rest for the morning.  So, she'll be wrapped and adorned with ribbon, and tucked under the tree, waiting for her new best friend to find her on Christmas Eve.  I'm looking forward to seeing D's smiling face as she opens this very special gift.    

Do you have a little one in your life whom you'd like to buy something unique for?  KD's Doll Shop is stocked for the holiday season, and she'll take custom orders too!!!  (Custom orders accepted only until November 12th, so make sure you contact her soon!)  Make the choice to give Handmade this holiday season.  :)  Check out KD's Doll Shop here:

KD's Doll Shop (Etsy)
KD's Doll Shop (Facebook Page)
KD's Doll Shop (Blog)    

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this review.  I was given a doll from KD's Doll Shop to form an honest opinion and post a review of the product.


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