Just Another Manic Monday

What's better than a lovely weekend spent with family?  Not a whole lot!  I had a great time on Saturday, previewing Disney's Tangled with my daughter and my two young cousins - watch for that review on the 24th of November!  Yesterday, of course, was my anniversary - so my husband and I had a quiet evening at home (with D, as we'll be doing the dinner/movie thing on Tuesday night due to his work schedule.)  I did some baking, and made a nice meal.  Yes, the weekend seems to have flown by, and it looks like I'm back to the daily grind on this frosty Monday morning.  D is still sound asleep, but my daycare children will be here any minute now.

Until they arrive, I think I'll check out Meet Me On Monday.  Here are this week's questions:

1.  Do you eat Sushi?  Yes!  Yes, yes... I LOVE sushi.  I love to eat it, and I love to make it.  I'm a big fan of the slightly less traditional Philadelphia Roll.

2.  What kind of bath soap do you use?  Softsoap Milk & Honey shower cream.  It smells like summer. :)

3.  How often do you talk to your Mom?  Every day!  Some times a few times a day, and often she'll just pop in to see D. 

4.  What TV shows do you watch on a regular basis?  My guilty (and totally lame) pleasure is Degrassi, LOL.

5.  Did you start Christmas shopping yet?  A little bit!  I've got most of the kids (not D, but relatives) stuff done.  Still collecting things for D, as well as my immediate family, and will have to put something together for my daycare kids as well.  I tend to do a lot of shopping online - it's just easier, and you can get such cool Hand Made items which I think are more meaningful! 



  1. I love sushi; I actually had some this weekend. Don't worry I like Degrassi too:-)

  2. I hope you enjoyed your anniversary! I've never tried to make sushi but I could eat it everyday.

  3. I'm actually not a fan of sushi, too many veggies haha! Love softsoap tho, the smell is awesome!

  4. Hey, just responding from your comment. I love your blog, its beautiful! I'm so new to all this blogging so It's all trial and error right now. I look forward to reading your blog!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Really enjoyed your answers--you're the first person I've come across to rave about sushi. Have you ever tried the candy variety? That's probably as close as I'd ever come!

  6. Never tried sushi dosen't look too goo to me,I use Avon sss body wash, I work with my mom so I talk to her everyday,No particular tv show, Christmas Shopping I have bought 1 gift and that is for the babysitter and I really need to start doing that...

  7. I grew up watching the original Degrassi so when the new one started up, of course I watched it. I've missed the past two years, once they got out of high school i stopped caring.

  8. I didn't even know that soft soap made a bath soap. I'll have to look for it. :)

    I am a new follower. Hope you can stop by.



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