Stocking Stuffer: Hard Candy Cosmetics Review

While I tend to spend a whole lot of my day in yoga pants and t-shirts, that doesn't mean I've completely forgotten how to look good!  I love checking out the latest beauty and fashion mags, finding new trends and (of course) shopping.  New make-up looks are a huge part of that, and I love to experiment with color when I have the time.
Remember these?  :)

Hard Candy Cosmetics have been around for quite a long time already - I remember the popularity of their funky nail colors in the 90's.  Oh, they had the best pastel shades around!  And later, they had the trendy glittery deep blues and forest greens that were so popular.  But, I digress.... Hard Candy now creates some of the most cutting edge colors available when it comes to products for your eyes, lips and face as well.
Hard Candy Lash Call Mascara in Limelight - $6.00
I was sent a sample of their Lash Call Lengthening Mascara in Limelight.  Woah!  Bright shade, right?  It is, but you know what?  It works!  I thought I'd check it out while going out to a movie the other day -  I used a coat of black mascara on my upper lashes, and then (not to brag...much...but I have these extremely long lashes which do well with techniques like this ;) I used the green mascara on just the tips.  It ended up just right, I had a little pop of color right where I wanted it to brighten up my eyes.  The mascara was nice as it didn't flake or smudge - stayed put throughout the movie (and I even cried a little!) and the rest of the day.

This would make a great stocking stuffer for any teen girl on your Christmas list!  Hard Candy Cosmetics are available exclusively at Walmart.  Check out their website to see what other fun products you might like to try!


Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample of Hard Candy Cosmetics for review purposes.  I was not compensated financially for this review.  All opinions stated are my own.

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