Stocking Stuffer: Savvycents Wallet Review

I have a huge problem when it comes to saving money;  I'm an impulse buyer, but that's not the worst of it!  When it comes to using coupons, I fail miserably.  A few years ago, when my husband and I discussed how to manage "life with a baby," he knew I wanted to stay at home with D, rather than go back to the office after my maternity leave was up.  In order to make this work, I agreed to do everything it takes to save a few bucks, and to try and bring in at least a little bit of cash to help out.  I always have great intentions of going to the grocery store with my hand full of coupons and saving x-amount of dollars.  I scour the internet for the freebies, and the big savers and feel like I'm doing my part - that is until I get to the grocery store and realize that, once again, I've forgotten EVERY SINGLE ONE!  Argh!

This is where the Savvycents Wallet comes in.  Melinda Claudpierre formed Savvy Cents in November of 2009, after being inspired by a book about living debt-free.  She knew there must be a better way of maintaining a budget, than carrying around stacks of paper envelopes filled with cash and coupons - That is, a better, and more stylish way!  I have to say, when she designed the Savvycents wallet, she was bang on.  Here's what the website has to say about it:

The Savvycents wallet is not only functional but also fashionable. It contains everything you need to organize your monthly or weekly budget using a cash system. With an accordion style file system inside the wallet you can separate money, coupons, receipts or store discount cards by categories. Your wallet comes with file cards where you can label each category with our pre-printed labels. There are also blank labels where you can customize your wallet based on your personal categories. You no longer have to carry envelopes or zip lock bags to separate your money and coupons. Your change will fit nicely in a coin pocket located on the backside of the wallet.  It also has 6 pockets for debit cards and store discount cards. On the opposite side there is a place for your driver’s license and a place for your checkbook. Wallet is 8” x 4”

When my wallet arrived, I was super excited to find that I was sent the snazzy new Pink one!  I really am such a girlie girl, after all.  It's very shiny and bright, and pretty, and so cute!  I went straight to work moving all of my bank cards, membership cards, gift cards, cash, license, etc.  Over to the new wallet.  I should have taken a picture - my old wallet was over stuffed and a complete mess, but in the Savvycents wallet everything has a place.  It's so much more organized!  Next up, I collected all of the coupons laying around my desk that are still valid, and put them into categories:  Grocery, Personal, Baby (I was able to create this category label myself), Restaurants and Miscellaneous.  The next day, we went grocery shopping and for once I REMEMBERED my coupons!  I ended up saving a bunch of money, and collecting $12 in literally free merchandise.  Had it not been for the wallet, I probably would have forgotten all of my coupons AGAIN and not received my freebies at all.  Now, whenever I clip a new coupon, it goes straight into the wallet and the first thing I do when I get into the store is check to see which coupons I can use that day.  And THAT is how it's done - save money without even really trying.   

At just $24.99 the Savvycents would make a great stocking stuffer!  Check it out at:

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