TerraCycle Canada: Review & Craft Project

Waste is created at an exponential rate in this country, and a lot of it has to do with the packaging our products are sold in.  Not all of these packages are recyclable, meaning more often than not, they wind up in the landfill and sit there for years and years.  This does not bode well for our children's future, and if we don't soon start finding more eco-friendly solutions to this problem, they will be in trouble.  While not all companies are moving towards earth friendly packaging - there is one company who's been picking up the slack.  TerraCycle takes non-recyclable waste and turns it into affordable, eco-friendly products such as tote bags, pencil cases and backpacks!  What's more, when trash is donated to TerraCycle through their Brigades program, the collector will gain cash in return, for a charity of their choice (all money is paid to schools and non-profits).

Sounds like a good plan, if you ask me.  For review purposes, I was sent a lunch bag like this one:

And a super cute Kool Aid Jammers pencil case like this (takes me back a few years, I must say ;)
These items have total kid-appeal!  They're unique, and since up-cycling is such an "in" thing to do these days (and hopefully that's a trend that just won't quit) they're trendy, too.  My daughter had a peek at the pencil case when my shipment arrive, and she immediately wanted it.  I'm not surprised really!  Who doesn't love the Kool Aid guy?  These products are not yet sold in Canada, but according to the website they'll be coming soon.  While buying the products is not yet an option, you CAN help by joining a Brigade and sending in your trash!!  This would be a great idea for anyone with kids who take lunches to school or daycare - you're teaching your kids how to be responsible for the environment, and giving them some incentive to do it right.

Want to do a hands on project and show your kids what up-cycling is all about?  Check it out!

By: Tiffany Threadgould

2 drink pouches
clear tape
Velcro® fastener
permanent markers

1. Cut off the top of each drink pouch and clean the inside with soap and water.

2. Cut two slits down the seams on both sides of the front of both pouches. Be
careful to cut through only one layer of the pouch. The slits should come 2½
inches from the bottom. Then cut straight across to remove the portion that you
just cut.

3. Cut off the top of one pouch so that it is 3½ inches long. Cut the top off the
other pouch so that it is 4½ inches tall. Round the top corners with your scissors.

4. Lay the pouches sealed end to sealed end on a flat surface. The side that you
cut into should be face-up. Leave a space between the two ends that is about 1/8
inch and tape the two pouches together in this position. Make sure you tape both
the front and back of the pouches. This will create a hinge so you can fold your

5. Fold your wallet at the hinge and fold the longer flap over the top and make a
crease. Then unfold this flap. Attach the self-adhesive Velcro® fastener to the top
of the inside flap of your wallet. Fold the flap down so the other side of the self-
adhesive Velcro® fastener attaches to the front of the wallet.

6. Use stickers and permanent markers to decorate your wallet. This simple drink
pouch wallet will leave you thirsty for more upcycling projects!

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