Birthday Buns and Pizza Pies

For some reason, D and her little 2 year old friends have decided that it's "birthday week" around here. Huh?! None of them are turning 3 until late next year - but I guess you can't argue with a toddler's logic! At daycare, we sang Happy Birthday and did a "birthday dance" - I don't know what that is exactly, but we did one. After the kids had all gone home and it was supper time, I made the mistake of asking D what she'd like for supper.

Clearly, not thinking.

D looked at me like it was the most ridiculous question she'd ever heard. What's a birthday without cake, right? ...Ugh. So, I told D that we didn't have any birthday cake right now, but if she'd like I could give her some "birthday buns" instead. I fully expected a complete meltdown, but was pleasantly surprised when she enthusiastically agreed that birthday buns would be the perfect supper.


Now I just had to figure out what, exactly, a birthday bun consists of.  It had to be sweet, and decorated.  I toasted a sliced English muffin, topped it with butter and honey, and then put a heart shaped slice of cheese on each half. I gave it to D on her Barbie Princess plate and served her some apple juice in a big-girl-cup.

Worked like a charm! D ate ALL of it, and I patted myself on the back for a job well done and a temper tantrum avoided. I think even DH was impressed, lol. So the next time your kid asks for something from the no-no list for dinner, just serve up a little (and I mean really, very little) creativity instead. ;)

For further, and perhaps slightly more inspiring ideas, check out this recipe for English Muffin Pizzas over at Canadian Living.  They're such a hit with kids of all ages, and you can make them look cute in all sorts of ways too!