Blooming Buddies In The Garden: Book Review

D is one of those very girlie little girls who loves all things pretty - faeries, flowers, princesses and pink.  When given the opportunity to review Blooming Buddies In The Garden, A Book of Blooming Verse; I knew immediately that D would fall in love with the brightly colored pages, the beautiful flowers and the pretty poetry.  My 2 year old, apparently, has a thing for poetry.  (She really is a lot like her Mommy in some ways!)

Written by Wendy Peterson and Illustrated by Deborah Donner, this book appeals to the imagination of children and grownups alike.  Each page is illustrated with beautiful watercolor paintings of flowers in bloom, and alongside each painting is a verse that will spark conversation, encourage positivity, love and respect for others. Blooming Buddies has been given the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award for 2011, as well as the National Parenting Center: Seal of Approval for 2011!

When I read the book to D, she was quick to point out all of the pretty flowers and the bright colors.  She loved the verses, and she asked me to read the book to her again once I was finished.  I particularly enjoyed the positive messages in each poem and the way the flowers in each illustration really seemed to take on their own personalities.  Between the covers of this book are pages and pages of virtual Spring time, which is so lovely at this time of year!  Blooming Buddies In the Garden would make a wonderful gift for any little girl on your Christmas list.

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