This Holiday Season

With just a few days to go until Christmas, there are a million things going through my mind:

1. I've been trying to relax about the daycare as I do have a space I need to fill - not a big deal, there is a lot of interest. It's just the interviews I find exhausting, as it's not easy having tons of people I don't know coming through my home every day or two. It's not like going to a job interview, or showing people around a full sized center - this is where my family lives, so to carry on this way and constantly be breaking the daycare kids (and D's) routine is not a good time for any of us.

2. I miss my twins. When we went for Santa pictures with D, there was a couple in front of us with newborn twins, and their older sister about the same age as Danica. It really took all the strength I could possibly muster not to just cry, right there, in the mall in front of everyone. I wanted to do those pictures this year.  Most of the time, these days, I can handle seeing little ones, and seeing twins will even make me smile.  Rather than feeling sad, most of the time, I am happy for the parents that their children are healthy, that they made it.  This time it was just different.  I'm still thinking about it - because of how I pictured the holidays would be this year.  Because of how they're not.

3. 2010 was a brutal kind of year, and I am welcoming 2011 with open arms.  In light of that, I feel like my blog needs a makeover.  It has become something that I am not - a little too cheesy, a little less interesting, and a little more "sold out" than I'd ever intended.  I love doing reviews and giveaways, but I feel like I'm losing interest in writing personal entries in the blog.  The blog itself seems to have taken on a life of its own.  This begs the question, do I create another blog altogether for personal stuff, or do I keep them together and just give this blog a look I'm more comfortable with?  I'll be thinking about it over the coming holidays and in the New Year will be doing things differently, no matter what I decide.

4. Things are not all bad. :)  Now that D is 2, she is so jacked about the holidays I am having to remind her each day that Christmas is not for another x-number of sleeps.  It's great!  She's talking about Santa and presents, and since I've introduced her to the true story of Christmas she's been talking about the baby Jesus and his Mommy a lot too.  I've explained that Christmas is a birthday party for the baby Jesus.  Now, of course, she's convinced there will be a birthday cake.  Not sure how to skirt around this problem, as I don't have a cake mix in the house and I really, really don't have time to bake a cake from scratch.  I'd love to just avoid the issue, but D is not that kind of kid... She remembers stuff and will bring it up at the most random time.  Humm.  Birthday cookies, anyone?  (Filing this one away for next year, to be better prepared!)

So I'll leave it at that.  I've got to get on a whole bunch of Christmasy stuff now, like baking a dulce de leche chocolate almond skor crunch cheesecake for Saturday night, and wrapping presents for my daycare kids and for D.  Happy Holidays to all of you, and may your New Year bring health, happiness and peace.