Tag*a*long Review

As D grows, she's becoming more and more independent - and less timid when we're out in public. She's no longer a big fan of sitting in the shopping cart when we get our groceries. While I appreciate that she wants to feel like a "big girl" it can occasionally drive me a little nuts, because the store we often shop at is very busy! I'd hate to lose track of her, or for her to get trampled over by some shopper on a mission.

I was given the opportunity to do a review for Tag*a*long. What a cool product! The best way to describe the Tag*a*long is to call it a portable handle. It simply attaches to your stroller, purse, shopping bag, or anywhere you see fit and then your child can hold on while walking with you - keeping your hands free and the little one close by.  No tools required.  Brilliant, right? The Tag*a*long is lead and BPA Free, and complies with the new CPSC’s CPSIA standards.

My Review
We were sent the Tag*a*long in Blueberry - a fun, fresh shade of blue.  For some reason or another, D was ecstatic about this thing from the minute we took it out of its package.  OK!  Works for me!  I took that as a good sign that she would enjoy using it, and not just let go and motor off somewhere.  The Tag*a*long is recommended for children aged 3+ but I feel that D is ready to walk with DH and I sometimes rather than being carried by us.  Use your judgement on this one, as you know your child best.  Since it's brutally cold outside right now, we were not able to use the Tag*a*long with our stroller as intended, so we tried it out while shopping.  I attached it to my purse (of all places) and let D hang on while I had my hands free to grab items from the shelves and push the shopping cart.  She knew to stay close, and hold her special handle... And she loved not having to sit the entire time!  It did make the whole shopping process a little bit slower, but I wasn't in any hurry so was certainly not a problem.  I love that the Tag*a*long reinforces D's sense of independence and I can see how extremely useful it will be when we're out for walks with Daycare in the spring.  In fact, that is the PERFECT use for it, and I may be purchasing another one so that each older child can have a place to hang on!

To get your own Tag*a*long ($9.99 in lemon, tangerine, blueberry, raspberry) visit www.tagalongkids.com
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Disclaimer: I was sent a Tag*a*long for review purposes. I have not been financially compensated for this review. All opinions posted are my own.