Take Me Away

I don't know about you, but where I come from the temperatures have been pretty darn cold lately.  If I had a few extra bucks kickin' around in the bank, you'd better believe I would pack my bags and head South...  Somewhere smokin' hot!  Where I could go barefoot and wear sundresses again! 

Since the reality is that I have to stay home and work, I'm dreaming about my vacation to some far away place.  Like, maybe here for example:

Want to help me pack my bags?  CSN Stores has everything you need for a winter getaway, at excellent prices.  I would love to pack all of my necessities into a set of Delsey Luggage.  I would include things like these cute and comfy sandals -
Dr.Scholls Womens Originals in Champagne $49.00
   This fun and oh-so-retro Pan Am beach bag -
Pan Am Hawaii Magic Carpet Beach Bag $126.99
And of course, to accessorize on the beach, a stand out cuff bracelet like this -
Cathys Concepts Personalized Wide Cuff Bracelet $19.00

So what do you think?  Can you picture it?  I can soooooooo picture it..... *sigh* 

Check out www.csnstores.com for all of your travel needs, and enjoy your tropical adventure!