Why Markers and 2 Year Olds Don't Mix

Yesterday was a pretty average Monday over here the daycare.  I have a new little guy who is starting full time, and the other 3 kids all seem to enjoy having another friend around.  If not to play with, at the very least to use as a "toy" of sorts.  Or more specifically, as a coloring book.


This child has beautiful, almost white blond hair.  And very little of it, at that.  (Can you see where this is going yet?) 

D came up to me asking to color with her pen - I gave her one of her notebooks, and a purple Crayola marker.  She trotted off, and I went about my business cleaning up after the kid's lunch.  The next thing I know, both 2 year old girls are absolutely LOSING IT giggling, completely uncontrollably in the reading corner.  Was this really a cause for concern?  You bet.  I KNOW this laugh, and it ALWAYS means they're up to no good.  Especially in the reading corner. 

I looked over.  The new kid had a purple head. 

There really was that much of it.  He sat there contently being coloured on by his new, older and rather mischievous "friends." (I use that term loosely!)   

Thank GOD for washable markers, and baby wipes. 

OK.  Lesson learned.  This sweet little boy was all cleaned up by home time and I did tell his parents.  They laughed.  I was relieved. 

I'll be taking away all markers until AFTER daycare hours from now on, so my dear instigator of a daughter can't cause any more trouble! 


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