"Oh nook, Mommy. A mess!"

I can't believe how incredibly warm it's been here the last couple of days! This "almost spring time" weather sort of makes me want to do a bit of spring cleaning. I've got lots to do around the house, starting with getting rid of a couple of old, space taking appliances in my basement. If anyone has an idea about a charity or place that might like to remove them from the basement, and then take them away - I'd be interested to know about it!

Speaking of spring cleaning... This is the lovely mess that the snow plow left in my front yard yesterday.

Yup.  Seriously.  You can't really tell from the picture, put the hill is actually much taller than I am.  I don't even want to know what it will look like come March!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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  1. Yuck, I feel your pain! Snow is so beautiful when it is first coming down. And then, it just makes a mess!! We are still snowed in here with freezing temps.....send some of that warm weather our way please!!


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