Recently Launched: PlayexMommyville.ca

I recently posted about Playtex Baby and their newly designed Li'l Gripper Cup. Now, Playtex has launched www.PlaytexMommyville.ca - A fabulous online community where Moms can go to find the information they need, and to network with other Moms across the country. Brilliant! Here is what Playtex has to say about this great new website:

Mother knows best, but I’d like a second opinion:

8 out of 10 Canadian moms combine their mother’s advice with research when it comes to raising their children

New website playtexmommyville.ca offers advice, support and tips for modern moms

“Canadian moms are savvier than ever, combining old world wisdom with new technology. While it’s natural to listen to their mother’s advice, our research has shown moms are doing their own research to make informed decisions they can feel confident about,” says Helen Kargas, Senior Brand Manager, Playtex Infant. “Playtexmommyville.ca is an online community where the modern mom can go to research, share, laugh and even commiserate with other moms. There is always something going on with solutions, support and advice to help moms love every mommy moment.”

Playtexmommyville.ca offers a range of tools and downloads, such as a baby tracker to monitor patterns in baby’s daily activities, a baby proofing checklist and an immunization chart. As well, there are a number of articles on hot topics for moms and an events listing page to help moms find other women in their community. 

I took the opportunity to browse the website, and have already found a wealth of helpful information regarding infants and toddlers, parenting, pregnancy, and more... It's nice to know there is a Canadian online community available, where the information can be relied upon and is relevant to Canadian Moms, and Moms worldwide!  Have a look, and see for yourself at:

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