Tasty Toddler Snacks

Over the last few weeks, I've watched D become a little less picky and a little more adventurous when it comes to food. It's like something clicked and she realized "Hey! Trying new stuff makes meal time less boring!" She's finally enjoying things like perogies, french toast, cut up strawberries, pizza, and mashed potatoes. D even willingly tried peas - but decided she wasn't interested. Coming from the kid who's diet consisted of cheese sandwiches, bananas, apples or anything apple related, yogurt and cereal (along with the odd additional thing tossed in the mix)...This, rather pathetically enough, is kind of a big deal! So what's my secret?

...Pfffft, I have no idea. Is it just an age thing? They say kids sometimes behave this way because what they put into their mouths is one of the ONLY things they can control about their lives. Yeah, I get that, but it sure drives Moms like me crazy! I guess all you can do is keep offering up a variety of healthy items, and hoping for the best. Now that D is finally willing to at least TRY some things, I've been looking at some of the great recipes at Canadian Parents.

Like, for example, this Rainy Day Spinach Dip. What a perfect way to incorporate vegetables, without even having to serve chunks of straight up "vegetables"!  I can see D dipping some crackers or maybe some wholegrain tortilla chips in this and really enjoying it.

Rainy Day Spinach Dip
 And this all kinds of awesome Breakfast Pizza!  Who doesn't love pizza for breakfast, right?  This one includes salsa, eggs, and cheese - healthy, and fun too.

Breakfast Pizza

What are some of your kids favorite recipes?  How do you get your toddlers to eat their vegetables??