Skin MD Natural: Review

Working with kids means a lot of hand washing in a day.  When I'm not washing my own hands (which I've never counted, but I am certain amounts to more than the average person) I'm helping the kids wash theirs!  This winter, I've found my skin to be even more dry than usual and my hands in particular have been very, very dry.  I have tried all kinds of gentle hand lotions and butters after each hand wash, always with the same result: Greasy, itchy, splotchy burning red hands.  Not exactly the result I'm looking to achieve with a moisturizer!
Enter Skin MD Natural, an all natural dry skin care lotion (and protector.)  I was excited to try it, because as well as my skin concerns, D has terribly dry skin on her arms and legs and suffers from exzema.  While the products and perscriptions we've tried in the past have worked to an extent for D, I often worry about the kinds of chemicals I am slathering all over her delicate skin.  Recently, I've begun making the switch to more natural products because to me it only makes sense - what you put ON your body is just as important to your overall health as the food you eat and put inside of your body.  Our skin is a living, working part of us and it needs to be treated with as much care and respect as everything else!  

From the Skin MD website:

Natural Ingredients for Non-greasy Lightweight Hydration

Skin MD Natural uses a blend of natural ingredients in combination with significant recent scientific advances to hydrate and help heal dry skin without any greasy residue, harsh fragrances, or other potentially toxic ingredients. Conventional lotions simply attempt to replace lost moisture with artificial moisture.
Skin MD Natural works differently by helping keep moisture-robbing irritants away thus enhancing the skin's inherent ability to moisturize itself. This easy-to-apply, fast-absorbing lotion helps protect against many household, cosmetic and other commonly used products that can lead to skin disorders or just plain dry cracked skin.

Eco Friendly, Cruelty Free and Vegan Skin Care

Skin MD Natural and Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 are manufactured in the United States using 100% solar power, free of animal products and animal testing.
Skin MD Natural is an Eco-friendly Skin Care ProductSkin MD Natural is Manufactured using 100% Solar Energy

My Review
I found Skin MD Natural to be completely true to its claims.  I had expected it to be a bit greasy, but it actually felt excellent going on and absorbed very quickly.  The dry, usually extremely irritated skin on the tops of my hands felt cool and soothed immediately.  It also surprised me how long the lotion seemed to "stay put" for - my skin felt unusually smooth for several hours afterward, through hand washing and everything else.  Having seen what a difference the lotion made on my own dry hands, I decided to try some on D's arms and legs and was pleased to find the same result.  Her skin feels much less rough already, after only 2 applications.  I like that there's an option to get the lotion with SPF 15.  I am pretty loyal to my current facial moisturizer (also an all natural product) but it doesn't have sun protection which is an important factor, especially with the weather warming up and my spending more time outdoors!  I am certainly tempted to give the Skin MD with SPF a try, as it does seem light enough to keep my skin hydrated without causing me to break out (which is still a concern of mine.)

Overall, I think this is a great product for anyone with problem skin - adults and children alike.  Moms can feel good about using a skincare product without harsh ingredients for their entire family, and feel confident that it will keep skin healthy and hydrated.

Skin MD is available at Skin MD Natural in 2 varieties -
Regular 4 oz. bottle - $18.00 (+ applicable taxes & shipping)
+ SPF 4oz. bottle - $25.00 (+applicable taxes & shipping)

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