Spillin' The Beans

Wow. It's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to blog. The break was unintentional, we've had a lot of things happen within the family over the last 2 weeks that have kept me away from home and away from my computer. But anyway... I am back! AND I have good news!

Along with the difficult stuff comes the amazing news that I'm expecting...Again. Finally. :) I'm about 12 and a half weeks along, meaning the baby will be born via scheduled c-section this September. And yes, I really hope this time I make it to my scheduled date! What I wouldn't give to just walk into the hospital calmly, knowing that my baby is healthy and on his or her way shortly. Of course what happened with my twins is weighing heavily on my mind right now - and will throughout this pregnancy. My last experience with giving birth was very, very traumatic. I would never wish what happened to me upon anybody - ever. Having said that, D was no piece of cake either - I was sitting at home one morning when my water broke, unexpectedly @ 37 weeks. I felt no contractions or anything else, and the next thing you know I was being rushed into surgery! Craziness!

So we'll see how things turn out. I'm cautiously optimistic and ready to be a Mommy again to my new little boy - no, that's not confirmed, I'm just convinced. ;) And hey, pregnancy is kind of a good time! So I think we need to celebrate, don't you? Keep an eye out for some fantastic pregnancy and baby themed reviews & giveaways coming soon. I am planning an event for June which I think you will LOVE! I'm looking forward to sharing this with all of you.