Mini Lalaloopsy Doll: Product Review

D is at the age now where her imagination is really growing.  I love watching her play pretend, and act out different scenarios with her toys.  Some of her favorite items to play with lately have been smaller sized dolls and play sets - toys that fit perfectly in her little hands, that she can take with her everywhere.

I knew when I was given the opportunity to review a Mini Lalaloopsy Doll that it would be an immediate hit.  It's small (just 4" tall) and wobbly with brightly colored, fabric inspired clothes, and cute little button eyes.  When the doll arrived in the mail, I immediately stashed it away in my purse knowing we'd be taking D out to a restaurant later that evening.  It worked out wonderfully because after supper when she started to get a little antsy, I gave her the new doll and it kept her busy until we were ready to go.  Each play set comes with small accessories and a pet, and the packaging converts into the doll's own house.  We received the Sew Pretty Mini Lalaloopsy with a little sheep for a pet, an alarm clock and a book.  D thought the doll was fantastic!  She really enjoyed setting up the doll's house at the table, and filling it with the small toys it came with.  She kept herself busy pretending the doll was sitting down and eating dinner with the rest of us.  It was such a joy for the rest of us to watch!  D even took her new little friend to bed with her that night (a sure sign that the new toy is a favorite.)

The Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls by MGA Entertainment are available at all major toy retailers across Canada, and sell at a suggested retail price of just $6.99  There are 8 different dolls to choose from, as pictured above.  (Side Note:  Does the Easter Bunny need any additional treats for your little girl's basket next weekend?  These dolls would be perfect!)  For more information on these and other great Lalaloopsy Dolls, visit their website at www.Lalaloopsy.com 


Disclaimer: I was sent a Mini Lalaloopsy Doll for review from Paradigm PR. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. I was not financially compensated in any way for this review.