My Growing Baby: Week 15

Dear Little One,

This week you are 15 weeks old in Mommy's tummy.  You're about 4 inches long, and weigh about 2 and a half ounces.  So tiny!  You're growing little by little every day, and are able to wiggle around with your arms and legs.  Your tiny lungs are beginning to develop, and you are already sensitive to light - though your eyes are still closed.

I've been feeling pretty great, and have you to thank for that!  Aside from some sleepless nights (thanks to lots of bathroom trips, and a touch of insomnia) I am starting to get some energy back during the day.  I can tell that you're growing, because I have been getting a lot of round ligament pain - which means I can't carry your big sister around as much, and Daddy has to push the shopping cart when we get groceries!  Aside from that, everything is going very well.  I haven't been sick at all, which is a wonderful thing.  I've also been eating a lot - I think you already must love macaroni and cheese, and especially tomatoes!

I have been checking up on you regularly, listening to your heartbeat.  It's my favorite thing to do, and your big sister thinks it's pretty cool too.  Yesterday, your heart rate was about 138 bpm, and I found it instantly!  You like to move around and kick when I'm listening for you, which sometimes makes it tricky!

Can't wait to meet you - just  25 weeks to go!

Love, Mommy xoxox

A BIG THANK YOU to www.FetalAssure.ca for providing me with a fetal doppler to use during this pregnancy.  Check out my review of this awesome Canadian company HERE