Sugar High

Halloween is tomorrow and I'm sorta excited! D will be dressing up in the pink butterfly costume from Old Navy. (I love their toddler costumes because they're so warm and fall in the 'Peg can get incredibly chilly - most years we already have snow on the ground!) And she is JACKED about trick-or-treating. She's also pretty excited about all the candy we'll be collecting. What kid isn't?

Up until now, trick-or-treating has been more for myself and my husband than for D... She had only just turned 2 last year, so it was more about the photo op than the actual treats. And of course, most of said treats went straight to my hips! Haha! This year, however, I think we're going to have to put some rules in place. D has a thing for chocolate, and she would sit there all day long chowing down on bars if I let her. Our saving grace here is that she doesn't like most traditional "candy" - things like lollipops, rockets, gummi bears, etc. she won't touch. And that's completely fine by me. I'm in no hurry to introduce another source of sugary junk into her diet.

So my question to you is: How do you manage your Halloween candy? Do you share it amongst the family? Toss it out after a week or two? Donate it? I'm looking for ideas here, because no one - I mean NO ONE - needs the amount of junk food that usually enters a home with kids at this time of year. (Even though it's super fun to collect it!)