HEXBUG Nano: Product Review

I was given the opportunity to do a review on some HEXBUG Nano toy sets. When I first saw them I didn't know what to think! My daughter is a total girlie girl and I took one look at these toys and was confused about how they work, and not sure how much fun they would be for her. On the other hand, my husband took one look at the boxes and started ripping right into them! It was like watching a kid on Christmas morning, ha! I had to laugh at that - clearly he knew they would be fun to play with. As it turns out, he was right! These toys are really, really cool.
HEXBUG Nanos are little robotic bugs that use the physics of vibration to move. They come with tracks to run along and to battle in. The bugs race each other, flip over and back onto their feet, bump into one another, etc. They look incredibly lifelike once they get going! You can arrange the tracks to be multi-level, and in a variety of different patterns making for hours of creative play. There are numerous ways to watch the bugs go - from racing them, to setting them up for "battle" to just letting them do their own thing around the track and watching where they'll go next. The Glow in the Dark set is particularly cool as the bugs and the track take one minute to "charge" before shining brightly in the dark - adding another level of excitement for the kids. D is only 3 years old. Although the packages say 3+ and she got a total kick out of the toys, when it comes to solo play I do think they are better suited for slightly older children. Having said that, with the help of an older friend or an adult they are certainly appropriate for 3 year olds as well. She just had some trouble getting the tracks together and setting everything up by herself. I do think that in a group setting these toys would be wonderful for kids of all ages - and I can honestly say that as an adult I got a kick out of them too!
Each HEXBUG Nano set comes with track pieces and either 2 or 4 of the robotic bugs in various colours and rarities. You can also buy the bugs individually, so you can collect them all! Oh, and here's another bonus - batteries are INCLUDED with each toy set, and are also sold separately too.  Hexbug NANO are available at www.HEXBUG.com and range in price from $6 - $50