My Friendship Bracelet/Ribbon Barrette Maker: Product Review

One of the things I remember doing a lot of as a child was making friendship bracelets. My friends and I would get together with our boxes of embroidery thread, beads and safety pins and choose colors from each others boxes to make bracelets symbolizing our friendship. Once you tied those suckers on, you did NOT take them off until they were falling off. (Or until you had a family wedding to attend, or some function where you had to dress up and Mom told you to ditch the ratty looking bracelet. Ha!)

The thing was, it was kind of a pain to always be pinning the bracelet to your pants or the bedspread while you were working on it. And keeping those strings sorted if you had to stop for a bathroom break could get tricky too - it was easy to tangle them up by accident. Fortunately, for little girls these days it's no longer a problem: My Friendship Bracelet Maker is a handy little loom tool that helps girls (of all ages!) make cool friendship bracelets with ease. What's more? Their website www.myfbm.com has how-to videos and patterns to make all different kinds of bracelets.

What do I love about the MY FBM? First of all, it solves the problem of making bracelets in a tidy, and organized manner without tangling up your threads. You're less likely to have knots or to mess up your design, because the tool keeps everything straight. Second, it stores your thread! The handy drawer beneath your loom is the perfect place to store everything you need to make great bracelets.

And now there's a new tool to make cute Ribbon barrettes! All the rage in the 80s, these cute ribbon hair clips feature braided ribbon and beads dangling from the clip itself. They're super cute, and I can see why little girls are into wearing them again. My Ribbon Barrette Maker is a similar tool to the MyFBM in that it's a place to clip and sort your ribbons as you work.

The My FBM and My RBM are are available at Toys R Us and other select stores across the US and Canada, as well as various Online retailers.

Check out their website at www.MyFBM.com