Diaper Genie Portable Diaper Disposal System: Product Review

 How do you dispose of your child's soiled diapers when you're away from home? According to Playtex Canada:

A new survey by Playtex Infant has found that when away from home, more than half of Canadian parents (57%) get rid of dirty diapers in the first garbage can they can find.  

The Playtex Infant Diaper Disposal Survey of Canadian parents found that while the majority of moms and dads (71%) don’t find changing diapers so horrible, they still want to dispose of them quickly. Only 16% said they would wrap it up and keep in their baby bag until they got home, and 21% said they would look for an outdoor garbage disposal. 

Personally, I chuck them in the nearest bin I can find, unless I'm visiting someone's house.  In that case, I'll use a plastic bag, or in desperate times just stuff it into a side pocket of the diaper bag until I get home.  It's a predicament that Playtex Infant has caught on to, and when they offered me the opportunity to check out the new Diaper Genie Portable Diaper Bag Dispenser, I happily took it!

The Diaper Genie features a small roll of scented plastic bags, in a plastic container with a handy hook that can be clipped on to your diaper bag, stroller, in the car or anywhere you may need it.  I stuck mine in the diaper bag, and I've found it to be a great convenience.  When out for dinner at my Mom's place the other day, my son had a particularly messy poop (... just sayin'!)  Instead of having to take the the soiled diaper directly to the trash outside, I was able to wrap it, tie off the bag and throw it out.  It was pleasantly scented and once tied you'd never have known what was in it.  Hmm!  Not too shabby!  I'm thinking this would be great to have on hand at all times, with the kids.  My daughter gets terrible motion sickness, so we'll definitely have one in the car for those unfortunate times when she gets sick.  It could even be great when taking the dog for a walk! 

The Portable Diaper Genie retails for $4.99 across Canada.