Donate Naturally: Online Grocery & Fundraising #Review

 Donate Naturally is an online grocery shopping destination that sells organic and natural groceries, including everything from fresh organic produce, dairy and meat, to beauty, personal and household items. There’s a special diet and child/infant category too, so Donate Naturally really is a one-stop shop for your grocery needs. The best part is, the school or charity of your choice receives 15% of the value of every order you place. All groceries are priced the same, or less, than your local grocery or natural food store and there is no mark up in pricing to accommodate the 15% donation component. Donate Naturally even offers FREE next-day delivery right to your home, with no minimum order. Donate Naturally is easy and convenient, and you'll also be surprised how far your grocery dollars can go towards helping your favourite cause.

I was excited to participate in a review for Donate Naturally.  They have a wide selection of Organic foods and household items, including products specifically for children.  I was tempted to choose so many things, including (but not limited to) this Badger Balm sunscreen stick -- Perfect for little kids on the go in the Summer! 

 And this Cottage Cleaning bin, which is eco-friendly and would be fantastic for the lake! 

In the end, since I had such a difficult time deciding, I went with the Donate Naturally Grocery "Best Sellers Bin."  The bin contains the top 10 best sellers from the grocery department, including the following:

Life Choices Org. Elbows and Orange Cheddar - 216g - $2.99
Amaya Butter Chicken Sauce - 375ml - $5.49
Raincoast CrispsCranbery & Hazelnut Crisps - 170g - $6.99
Annie's Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies - 213g - $4.99
Amy's Kitchen Organic Alphabet Soup - 398ml - $3.79
Arrowhead Mills Amaranth Flakes - $6.99
Late July Dude Ranch Chips - 120g - $3.99
Neal Brothers Organic Blue Corn Tortillas - 300g - $3.49
Shasha Organic Spelt Ginger Snaps - 300g - $6.49
Wolfgang Puck Org. Chicken Broth - 946ml - $3.99

You save 10% if you purchase this bin vs. buying these items separately! The best part? You STILL donate 15% of the value ($6.51) to the cause of your choice!

I think I made the right choice for my family.  Everyone had something that they particularly enjoyed from this basket.  We took both bags of chips out to the lake for the weekend and enjoyed them with some yummy fresh salsa and guacamole for appetizers.  The bag of Ginger Snaps were a hit out there too, and my husband polished off the rest when we got home.  I made the macaroni and cheese for lunch one day for my daycare kids, and they all really enjoyed the Cheddar Bunnies (which we often buy at the store anyways.)  As for myself, I spent some time on Saturday afternoon cleaning the kids toys while indulging in the Cranberry & Hazelnut Crisps alongside some Danish blue cheese.  I have to say, it sure made doing my chores a lot more pleasurable!!!!  All that was missing was a glass of wine. ;)         

I like that there are a huge number of charitable organizations and schools to choose from when allocating where to donate your 15%.  I chose to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society.  Also, if there's a particular cause close to your heart and you don't see it on the list, you can still donate to that cause by adding them which is great.

Donate Naturally delivers Canada Wide, but fresh produce and perishable items are only available to specific regions.  They are working to expand that as soon as possible, so I look forward to seeing what additions they make to the site and what other kinds of products are available to Manitobans in the future.    

Check out Donate Naturally for yourself!  Visit www.DonateNaturally.com 

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  1. I use Donate Naturally services as well, and they are fantastic! The service and products are great! I highly recommend this company.


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