NOVICA: #FairTrade Gifts for Everyone #Review

Novica is one of the leading Fair Trade websites giving North Americans the opportunity to purchase handmade gifts from around the world. Novica works in conjunction with National Geographic to give artists the means to create beautiful items, and allow them access to the world market where they are compensated fairly for their unique work.

I'd never heard of Novica until I was contacted to do a review for them. As always, I immediately went to the website to browse and find out more. Well... I couldn't stop browsing.  My "browsing" turned into "window shopping" and my window shopping lasted quite literally for hours, lol!  Novica has a HUGE selection of incredible Jewelry - And this was where I got particularly stuck. See, I'm a bit of a jewelry fiend and I just couldn't decide which item to choose to review. There are hundreds of items to look at, and they are all so unique and truly gorgeous!  So instead of picking something right away, I decided to put together a Pinterest Board of all of my favourite items from Novica.  (Do check it out -- I think you'll agree that my choices are pretty awesome as well.  Just sayin'!)  With the wide selection of rings, necklaces and bangles, I so knew I was in trouble.

Here are a few pieces I am particularly fond of:

I loved the fact that they are all modern and fun, while still being unique and handmade.  In the end, I decided to go with the "Dream" ring which I thought had a lovely meaning (as well as a stone that matches my birth stone Aquamarine) and the really pretty heart necklace pictured below.  I've been wearing the ring on a daily basis, and the necklace looks great with many of my clothes.  I have received tons of compliments on them both already!  Neither the ring or the necklace are tarnishing in any way.  They are both made of solid sterling silver and have been quite sturdy.  My rings get put under a fair bit of wear and tear throughout the day as I work with young kids.  The "Dream" ring has a few scratches on it now, but that's unavoidable.  Aside from that it still looks gorgeous.  I plan to continue wearing it for a long time!

Novica is the perfect place to shop for unique gifts of all kinds.  The jewelry selection is huge, but they also have a wide array of other handmade items for everyone.  Check out www.Novica.com to see for yourself.  Just make sure you have some spare time on your hands, because if you're anything like me, you may need it!