@PlaytexInfant - Twist 'n Click Snacker and Bowls #Review

 The new Playtex Twist ’n Click™ Snacker and Bowl are designed for toddlers and parents on the go as an easy way to give kids that extra fuel to keep them active throughout the day. Using the unique twist and click technology that makes the product 100% leak-proof, the Snacker and Bowl is an easy solution for transporting healthy snacks such as fruit, cheeses, or dry cereals and is ideal for road trips and easy to toss in a diaper bag.

I was sent both the Twist 'n Click Snacker, and the Bowls for review.  Items like these are used daily around here.  We have tons of them, but I'm always looking for more.  Um, and I'll admit it, I have this weird obsession with buying cups and dishes for my kids.  They're just always so cute and fun looking!  Between D's constant grazing and L's new found appreciation for solids I knew right away that the products would be tested thoroughly.  And they were.

I was surprised, actually, with how much I like the Snacker.  You wouldn't think that a snack cup is a big deal, but when you're carrying it around in your purse or diaper bag ALL the time, you want one that's not going to spill Cheerios all over the place.  You also want one that's not super bulky - And compared to every other snack container we own, this one is the perfect size.  The handle is easy for L's little chubby fingers to grasp on to, and he's been doing great with reaching in and pulling his cereal out on his own.  When he's finished the attached lid snaps back on to cover up any leftovers (although "leftovers" is kind of a foreign word to him, haha) and can be thrown straight back into my purse!  Love!  No searching for the lid in my bag, no spilled Cheerios, and encouraged independent snacking.  Works for me!

The Twist 'n Click bowls are nice too.  I love that there is no worry about spilled baby food with these.  I usually buy the semi-disposable plastic baby bowls to take purees or baby cereal out of the house, but with them comes the worry that the lid could snap off in transit and really cause a mess.  These bowls are secure with a 100% leak proof guarantee, they can go in the microwave and they are the perfect size for a good portion of food for my little man.

Once again, Playtex Infant Products has totally done it right!  The Twist 'n Click Snacker and Bowls are available at major retailers across Canada for a suggested retail price of $5.49 for the Snacker and $7.99 for a set of 2 bowls.