Happy Birthday, Little Miss Four!

It's September again. Most people are thinking about "back to school" and the start of a new season. While that's in the back of my mind this year, I've got a whole lot of other things to think about too. Both of my sweet kids are celebrating their birthdays this month, starting with Princess D, today! I say this every year but it feels like just yesterday that I was calling my husband at work in the morning (well, trying to track him down, actually) and wailing on the phone something about "when are you coming home?" My water had broken. What did I expect him to say? "Next week Thursday, honey, you're good!" Ha. Anyway, my Mom drove me to the hospital and he met us there. By later that afternoon we had a beautiful baby girl.

Today my girl turns 4 years old. Every day she amazes me with the things she knows, the questions she asks and her funny personality. She's definitely no baby anymore. Gone are the days of asking in her tiny little voice for "apyupyup" on her macaroni and cheese, calling me "Mum mum" and crying every time Iggle Piggle floats away in his little row boat. Now she's strutting around the house like she owns the place, dancing and singing along to Call Me Maybe, playing Barbies and talking about growing up to be a "Real Mermaid" one day. (Sure thing, munchkin! lol.)

My husband bought D an electric guitar for her Birthday. Not a kid sized toy, but a full sized, real electric guitar so she can play along with Daddy. It will take her a few years to grow into it, but I know she will LOVE it. In fact, just the other day in the car, she told me that she just wants to start a band! Almost four year olds and their totally random ideas... :) Anyway, she'll be receiving her fair share of Barbies, princess dresses and a few other great educational toys. And I'm cool with that! These are the things she loves right now.  So I'm now the Mom of a 4 year old, which is pretty darn cool. In one more week I'll be the Mom of a 1 year old, too. These kids. They just grow up WAY too fast!

And now.  : )

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