ROYALE #Inspire Us Photo Challenge: Shoot Outside the Box #Canada #Contest

On our recent family trip to the mountains, I spent a fair bit of time hauling around my husband's fancy camera, pretending to be a photographer. The truth is I wish I were even half as good at photography as he is... But he went to school for that.  I, on the other hand, just like to call myself "artsy".  Most of the time, the pictures I take are lacking.  Once in a while, something pretty magical happens and I wind up with an amazing shot.

This shot of the grizzly bears I caught on the way to Waterton, AB. is NOT one of them.  I just like it because I had fun shooting.  I mean, come on, bears are soooo dangerous!  And these guys eventually turned around and started walking TOWARDS us!

 The great news is that Royale is holding a contest for professionals, students AND for people like me! You know that one magical photo that you manage to take and usually stick all over your Facebook cover page, or frame it and stick it on your wall so you can brag about it?  How would you like to see that on a Kleenex box?  I know, right?!  In addition to some awesome bragging rights, the winner walks away with a cool $1,500.00 So not only could you show everyone your great pic on a box of tissue, if you're anything like me, maybe you could enroll in a photography class too.  Just sayin'. :)

Here are a few details about the contest:
ROYALE Inspire Us Photo Challenge
The ROYALE Inspire Us Photo Challenge encourages Canadians from coast to coast to submit their most inspiring photos at ROYALE.ca until October 2, 2012 from which the selection committee will choose forty finalists. From November 29 to December 21, 2012, members of the Moment with ROYALE Community will then have the opportunity to vote online until the winning photos have been chosen. The six photos to receive the most votes, combined with one photo chosen by the selection committee, will become part of the 2013 ROYALE Inspire Us Collection and be awarded $1,500.
To become a member of the Moment with ROYALE Community and have a chance to vote, simply visit ROYALE.ca to sign-up.
ROYALE Inspire Us Student Photo Challenge
New this year, ROYALE is looking for current full or part-time students enrolled in an arts or photography program at post-secondary institutions within Canada to submit an inspiring photo now until November 16, 2012. The selection committee will choose the winning submission to be featured on a facial tissue box for the 2013 ROYALE Inspire Us Collection. The winning student will also be awarded $1,500.
Looks like I've got some work to do!  Good luck, everyone! 
PS.  About the bears.  Don't worry.  We were in the car.  ;)