#ToyotaLove: What You Need in a Family Vehicle

Just a few months ago our car was written off by somebody who decided to run a red light.  Thankfully, nobody was hurt.  And even more important is that my kids were not in our car at the time.  My husband was driving and had nobody with him.  The other vehicle slammed into the passenger side of our mini-van and I shudder to think what could have happened to my son, as the side door was completely crunched and the floor under his infant car seat had buckled.  Anyway, after the accident we learned it would be time to do some shopping around for a new mini van.  Truthfully, we knew right away we'd be purchasing a Toyota Sienna.

What we love about it:
The Sienna was an easy choice for us.  As parents of two very young kids, traveling "light" is almost impossible.  Even a trip to the lake for the weekend includes a playpen, stroller, a huge stack of baby clothes, enough diapers, baby blankets, etc. etc.  Not to mention the dog!  The space and storage in the Sienna is fantastic.  We love being able to pack it full, and still have room for the extra stuff too.  Our daughter loves having her own cup holders, and storage in the backseat for her ever growing rock collection.  (Don't get me started...)  I love the simplicity of installing car seats in the Sienna!  In other vehicles I've had to jam my hands between the seat cushions and fish around for the UAS latches.  Once found, it's difficult to see whether the connectors have locked on properly and that always made me a bit nervous.  In the Toyota Sienna there is a little velcro flap which lifts to expose them, making installing two car seats a snap!  This vehicle looks good and it feels safe to drive, which is important when toting around your most precious cargo.  In short, we love this van and would absolutely recommend it to anybody with a young family looking to buy a new vehicle.  

Toyota Venza
Choose the Right Car:
This past weekend I was invited to a social media event for Toyota at Calgary Olympic Park.  We were able to test drive some cars and learn about all the great features of the family sized Toyota vehicles.  Toyota has something for everyone!  Whether you're carpooling teenagers to hockey games or taking babies to play group, each car has great storage capacity, some have extra features like DVD players, seat warmers, GPS and back up cameras, and every Toyota vehicle has amazing safety features like knee airbags, which offer stability to your body during an impact.  A huge safety plus!  These cars looks awesome, inside and out.  What I appreciated about them was the different features in each specific vehicle.  The Sequoia has a GPS system, but even more interesting to me (as a Mom) were the built in sun shades in the back seat - something I found to be innovative and just awesome, really!  I hate using those suction cup car blinds on my kids windows.  They never stay in place, they get broken, and they're also a potential projectile in the event of an accident.  The Highlander has a backup camera which makes parking in tight spaces that much easier - you have good visual of what's behind you.  And the Sienna, as mentioned, has a TON of storage as well as heat/air control for all passengers - which means I don't have to listen to my 4 year old whining about being too hot or cold in the back seat.  I can adjust her temperature from where I sit in the front, and when she gets older she has control over that from her seat as well.  (Side note: I use this feature ALL the time.  It's a must for a kid who gets car sick to have enough air flow and not over heat!)

Toyota Sequoia

Growing up, my parents always chose to drive Toyota vehicles.  Now, as a parent myself, I can see why.  They look awesome, their safety features are stellar and the quality of these cars is fantastic.  Thanks Toyota Canada for a great day learning about your sweet rides, and for the opportunity to see them all in action!

Do you drive a Toyota?  What do you drive and what do you love about it?