@Playskool Toy Finder: Find The Perfect Gift! #Review

Have you ever been to a birthday party with a gift you were just a little unsure of?  I know I have, especially if the child is older than my own.  Even as someone who works with children for a living, it's not always easy to find the perfect gift!  I generally try and seek out toys that are fun, will keep a child busy for a while, is educational and, for the most part, is not too noisy.   ;)

Playskool has come up with a great new website to help you find the perfect gift for the little one in your life!  The Playskool Toy Finder is easy to navigate and provides wonderful information about each age group, such as what's "Fun and Fascinating" and what specific skills a child of that age is developing.  The Playskool Toy Finder then lists the toys specific to each age group, through filters you're able to select, making the gift buying process even more personal and fun!  With categories like "Being The Coolest Gift Giver At a Party" and "Kids That Can't Sit Still" it's clear that they've really put in the effort to give you some great options!  You can stroll into that next birthday party with confidence, because you know that the gift you've purchased will be age appropriate, educational and fun.

I used the Toy Finder to come up with some great ideas for my kids' Christmas gifts.  I have to say, I was not disappointed!  There are lots of options for kids under 3, for sure.  For my Son, I know that items like Walk n Roll Rider would be perfect, as he's learning cause and effect and how to manage the toy with his hands.
And for my Daughter, I was able to find Candy Land: Disney Princess Edition.  She'd love the opportunity to sit and have some quiet time with Mom or Dad, and to play a big girl board game like Candyland, which makes it fun to work on skills like colours and counting!

So there ya have it!  If you need to buy a gift for a little munchkin and you're not sure where to turn, give the Playskool Toy Finder a try.