Top 5 Favourite Pumpkin Designs! #Halloween

Can you believe that it's almost Halloween?  In our house, we've had the costumes ready for a while now.  The little man will be going as Superman, and his cool big sister will be Supergirl.  I'm not gonna lie, we really played up the Supergirl costume with D, to convince her to wear it -- It'll be such an ADORABLE photo-op!  We've got our box of candy ready to go, and the kids and I will be putting up a few fun Halloween themed window clings later today.  The only thing we haven't done yet is our pumpkin!

I'll admit, carving the pumpkin is not my favorite task.  I love designing it, but the whole production of digging out the seeds doesn't appeal to me.  It doesn't really appeal to Princess D either (getting her hands dirty?  Puh-lease...) which is why we're enlisting my husband's help to do the dirty work, and the carving.

If you're late in the pumpkin carving game like we are, perhaps you need a few ideas.  I've done a little bit of Jack-o-lantern research and come up with my Top 5 Favourite Pumpkin Designs!  They're epic.  For reals. :)  So in no particular order: 

#1 You can't go wrong with the Classic Pumpkin Design.  I know in my lifetime I've done several like this, complete with the zig-zag top and pac-man eyes.

#2  I love this Black Cat Pumpkin as it's not your typical pumpkin face.  This one is my daughter's personal favourite.  The hanging stars really make it stand out!

#3  Why not try something different, and do a Mummy Pumpkin?

#4  Or go slightly more scary -- I love this -- and do a Pumpkin Skull!

#5 And if you have any little boys in your house, or you know, grown men who sometimes like to do boy things, maybe a Mario Pumpkin is your style. ;)  

So there you have it!  Some great ideas for this year, or maybe to save for next year.  How did you/do you plan to design your pumpkin this Halloween???