Who are you? And what have you done with my #baby?

Somewhere, somehow in the last couple of weeks or so my son L has suddenly become a toddler. I don't understand how it happened so fast! Last month my little boy was a sweet, reserved and fairly quiet little man. He knew how to play with trucks and how to climb the picnic table, but he was still happy to crawl into my lap, close his eyes and fall asleep. He was walking, but still crawling. He still liked to be spoon fed and sometimes, if he was tired, he would even let me hold his bottle.

 Fast forward to about a week after his first birthday, and I could swear to you that somebody flipped the one-year-old-switch!  My formerly quiet son is now loud, occasionally obnoxious, fast on his feet and busy as ever!  Today, in no particular order L accomplished the following:
  • He tore through my pantry and spilled the baking soda all over my kitchen floor.
  • He placed all of the books on his sisters book shelf on to the floor, one by one, with gusto.
  • He spilled my coffee.
  • He learned how to climb on to the couch and then jump on it.
  • He learned how to climb on top of his sister's play table.  
My son will no longer let me spoon feed him.  If he does, which will occasionally happen without any sort of freak-out, he must be holding a spoon of his own or else disaster ensues.  He always, always, ALWAYS drinks his own bottle.  And when he's finished, without fail, he'll proclaim its completion shouting "Dun!" and proceed to throw it on the floor.  (I actually find this hilarious, but I suppose it's something we should be working on.)

On the plus side, L is an extremely happy and loving little monster.  He still gives lots of hugs and kisses.  And he absolutely adores his big sister.  I just wish he didn't grow up so darn fast!  As much fun as this new little L is, sometimes I really miss having a sweet, quiet and cuddly baby boy.  I don't remember feeling this way when D turned 1, but I guess knowing that L will probably be our last baby has me hanging on to those sweet baby moments a little bit tighter.

When I look at the bigger picture, though... At the fact that L still wears sleepers to bed and tucks his knees under as he falls asleep, or the fact that he still shy's away from other family members in favor of being held by his Mommy, I realize he's still just a baby after all.  I guess the trick is not to constantly be waiting in anticipation for the next big milestone, but to savor these moments as they happen.  To remember them, always.

How old are your children?  Do you ever feel this way?