#Giveaway Giggles and Fun with @Playskool #LOLElmo

Like most 80s kids, I grew up watching Sesame Street on a pretty regular basis. I remember sitting down with a snack and enjoying the silly antics of Cookie Monster (my personal favourite,) Oscar, Bert and Ernie and of course Elmo!  Oh, I thought Elmo was so adorable, even back then.  He's got such a funny little voice and he seemed younger than the other monsters, which I loved.  (Even as a youngster myself I thought babies were the best, always the little mommy!)

Recently, I introduced my kids to this classic show, and all of the wonderful characters in it.  My daughter frequently asks to watch Sesame Street, and as an Elmo lover herself, she was all to happy to introduce her baby brother to this loveable monster.  Elmo appeals to kids of all ages, so when my son was exposed to his first dose of Elmo giggles, I wasn't surprised when he cracked up into giggles himself and got over the top excited!
I knew, when given the opportunity to review the PTPA Award Winning LOLElmo, that my kids would absolutely love this fun toy!  When LOLElmo first arrived at our door, I couldn't wait to get my hands on him.  My kids were sleeping and I wanted to surprise them -- but first, I really, really wanted to play with it! lol!  Turns out, LOLElmo has it in him to make even a grown-up crack up laughing.  He's just THAT adorable.  When you tickle his tummy, he rolls, shakes and giggles up a storm.  Way too cute!  And if you press LOLElmo's feet, he'll start telling funny Elmo style jokes.  I shared Elmo with my kids later that day.  My daughter thinks he's adorable, and she treats LOLElmo like she would one of her baby dolls, carrying him around and playing with him.  My son, at nearly 14 months now, is the funniest to watch with this fantastic toy.  He grabs LOLElmo by the feet and hauls him around the house, laughing maniacally when LOLElmo starts into a fit of giggles.  It's the best!  LOLElmo comes with a Dorthy fish bowl which you can squeeze to make squeak, which is fun, especially if you squeak it repeatedly around your toddler's face making kissy noises until they crack up laughing. ;)  I honestly find this toy to be one of the most entertaining we have.

Want to share the joy of LOLElmo with your favourite munchkin?  Of COURSE you do!  Well, one lucky reader will be given the opportunity to do so.  Contest is open to residents of Canada.  Giveaway ends on the 25th of November, 2012.

Good Luck!

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